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Event Design

This job was about the whole graphic realisation of the bafu-event at Bundesplatz Berne related to the advertising campaign »Stolz auf Schweizer Holz« (engl. »proud on swiss wood«) of the Federal Office of environment in Berne. The event took place at 21st of March 2012, the international day of the forest, where wood and forest was the topic of the whole day. It really was an impressive, well-organized event which turned out to be a great job for me. I designed various placards, place cards, signpostings, the menu card, toilet caption, signs for food and beverage distribution and for the bottle deposit. The design was based on the genuineness of the wood which should have been reflected on the paper. Moreover I was responsible for a short advertising spot, which was shown in public transportation in the city of Berne.

Link to the website of the campaign »Stolz auf Schweizer Holz«.

Concept by Maxomedia AG, design and realization made by me.




Corporate Event Design

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Bafu - Bundesamt für Umwelt

Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft