Dead Alley

Music video for Luna Rise

This project was realized by a team of eight students who decided to record the song »Dead Alley« of the band Luna Rise professionally and realized a cool music video in the second step. Therfore the band has been filmed at serveral locations: the performance-part in the historical city theater Grein and the story-part in the woods of Hagenberg as well as in a students flat next to the university. Afterwards the video was finished by lot of postproduction like cutting, grading and tracking. Additionally we produced a making-of video in order to show the whole process of production.

Here's the link to the making-of video on YouTube!
Here's the link to the official video on YouTube!

Andrea Penz - Casting, Postproduction
Julia Nebauer - Director, Cut, Organization
Klemens Neubauer - Camera, Organization, Project leader
Christopher Lindner - Bandleader, Singer, Organization, Cut, Grading
Peter Kerschner - Postproduction
Mattias Haneder - Director-assistance, Cut, Postproduction
Philipp Gratzer - Screen play, Director, Location Scout
... and myself - Storyboard, Location Scout, Make-Up Artist, Postproduction




Music Video


Luna Rise Music

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